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About Us

Flying Academy is an international flight school. Our training programs operate under the FAA (Federal Aviation Association) and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) guidelines. 
 Our bases are strategically located to satisfy the needs of aviation students around the world. Currently, we operate three bases in the US. In the greater Los Angeles area, Flying Academy is located in Corona and Van Nuys. Not to exclude the east coast, we have an additional base in sunny Miami. Across the pond, we have two bases in the Czech Republic (Prague and Brno) and Bad Voslau, Austria (just outside of Vienna). 

Our LMS Platform

Our LMS (Learning Management System) assists and complements your ground & flight training. Accessible from any device, the LMS is an integral part of our new World Wide Campus. 
The platform includes interactive coursework, handbooks, manuals, tutorials, practice tests, exams and is continuously updated.

Our Purpose

Our purpose at Flying Academy is to create the next generation of pilots. Each student is treated as an individual and our programs reflect this. Since operations began in 1993, we owe our success to this approach.

FAA & EASA Approved

Flying Academy is a worldwide flight training academy. We operate three bases in the US, three within the EU, and an office in India. Our training adheres to FAA guidelines in the US and EASA within the EU.

By Pilots, For Pilots

We provide comprehensive flight training for student pilots with some of the world’s most experienced flight instructors.

A Global

With over 20 years and several offices around the world, Flying Academy celebrates the diversity of the aviation community. Now with our Worldwide Campus and LMS platform; a student can complete theoretical
training anywhere!

Flexible Training Programs

We offer a flexible training schedule and flight bookings. To make studying with us easier your overall training (the Ground Training portion) is conducted remotely on our Worldwide Campus/LMS platform.


Miami, Florida
Greater Los Angeles (Corona), California
Los Angeles (Van Nuys), California
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Portimao, Portugal
_MG_9610 (2)_MG_9610 (2)
Bad Voslau, Austria
Prague, Czech Republic
FA_4 (2)FA_4 (2)
Brno (West Falcon Field), Czech Republic
2 (1)2 (1)
Gurugram, Delhi, India

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