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Become a Professional Pilot in The US

How To Become a Professional Pilot
in The US

Step 1: Attain Private Pilot License/Certificate (PPL)

 The FAA Private Pilot Certificate is the first step in your professional pilot career. The PPL course provides the foundation for your ground/flight training in accordance with Part 141 and Part 61. After completing your training, you will be able to fly single-engine aircraft. Students can now finish their entire theoretical training and examinations online before beginning the flight training.

Step 2: Get an Instrument Rating (IR)

The next step is to achieve your FAA Instrument Rating (IR). The addition of an IR extends the privilege of a PPL holder to navigate through low visibility and adverse weather conditions according to the Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). After the addition of an IR, private pilots can further advance their aviation careers as commercial pilots.

Step 3: Attain a Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

 The FAA Commercial Pilot License (CPL) allows cadets to become professional pilots. CPL Training provides comprehensive knowledge in the field of aviation and an increase in flight hours to meet all commercial pilot licenses’ requirements.

Step 4: Get a Multi-Engine Rating (MEL)

 Advance your Commercial Pilot License by adding the FAA Multi-Engine Rating. Adding this rating to the license gives pilots the ability and advantage to fly aircraft with more than one engine.

Step 5: Get Flight Instructor (CFI) Certification

 Being a Certified Flight Instructor gives you the advantage of satisfying gaining additional flight hours while being compensated for your services. To successfully achieve the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certification a pilot must meet all requirements and fulfill the required flight hours (1500hrs). 

Step 6: Begin your Career

After fulfilling the requirements to become a commercial pilot with the required hours, you are eligible and will meet the minimum requirements to begin your career with an airline.

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Learning Management System (LMS)

Students have access to our eLearning portal: the Learning Management System (LMS), where all course work, syllabus and schedules are available which can be accessed on any device from anywhere in the world. 

  • Individual training progress reports, attendance requirements, sample worksheets, question banks, and class schedules are constantly updated and monitored on our LMS so students can keep track of their own progress at any time. 
  • With our live online lectures, students and pilot instructors are able to communicate in class and take part in activities and worksheets presented, on a daily basis. 
  • Pre-recorded video lectures are available for any missed classes. Homework assignments and worksheets are given with instructions during the lecture and are monitored by the pilot instructors. 
  • The LMS consists of interactive quizzes and question banks with over 30000 questions and the ability to practice them in our testing portal. 
  • After the successful completion of the theoretical training and examinations, Flying Academy provides a certificate that makes the student eligible to attend the examinations with the Aviation Authorities.    


Flying Academy is a global flight training institute that has bases strategically located around the globe in order to ensure the best flight experience for our students. From the heart of Europe to the sunny warm beaches in Miami and Los Angeles, we guarantee your pilot training to be memorable wherever you choose to fly with us! Our bases in the US are located in  

  • Miami – Florida
  • Van Nuys and Corona – Los Angeles
Los Angeles California, Corona
Miami, Florida
Los Angeles California, Van Nuys

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take to become a Pilot?

The duration of the training depends on the cadet’s availability and expenses. The theoretical part of the training can be completed remotely and start flight training at one of our bases as soon as they are able. The Private Pilot License usually.

How many aircraft are there in your fleet?

Flying Academy is operating a fleet of 31 aircraft. Mainly we are using Pipers and Cessnas for ab-initio pilot training, as these aircraft gained the title of the best aircraft for pilot training. The regulations in the European Union and United States are very strict about aviation safety and our fleet is maintained at the highest levels of safety.

Do you accept international students at Flying Academy?

Flying Academy is International Flight Training Center that creates a multicultural learning environment. With students from all around the world. This intercultural competency will help students feel comfortable working in different countries throughout their career or sharing the cockpit of an airline with a pilot from another culture.

Do you provide any scholarships?

Flying Academy is a commercial organization not providing any scholarships or other form of financial support at the moment. In case you have already applied for any funding program and you need supportive documentation from Flying Academy (confirmation of interest or official training course description with fees) – we will be happy to assist you. Just send the email to [email protected] and your Personal Flight Training Consultant will get in touch with you within 1 business day in order to help with this query.

What medical certificate do I need to start and obtain the Private Pilot License?

You will need at least a 3rd class Medical Certificate link to FAA medical  approved by the FAA.

What medical certificate do I need to start and obtain the Commercial License?

You will need at least a 2nd class Medical Certificate link to FAA medical approved by the FAA.

Where can I obtain my Medical Certificate?

You can do your Medical Certificate at any medical center approved by the FAA. Flying Academy offers assistance to obtain it.

How much does the Medical Certificate cost?

The prices vary from $100 dollars to $150 dollars.

Do you provide Visa support?

Yes, we do. If traveling to the USA to do the pilot training program, the visa which you will need is the M1 type. Flying Academy will provide you the Form i20 that will enable you to apply for the M1 visa. Further, you will need to follow the standard procedure, please see:

What is the I-20 form?

The I-20 form shows that you are eligible for M-1 Student status. The I-20 form is issued by the school (Silver Express). The M1 visa is issued by the US Consulate/Embassy.

How can I pay for my training?

Flying Academy has a comfortable pay-as-you-go approach, that allows every trainee to take a training pace that is perfectly fitting his financial abilities. We accept credit/debit cards, cash or bank drafts.

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