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Start Your MCAA ATPL Online Theoretical Course TODAY!

Over 150 hours of Ground Training. The most in the industry for ATPL Certificate. 

Live Classes (online or in the classroom).


Course Overview

The MCAA ATPL Theory is conducted as a fully distant training course. The ground lessons are provided by professional lecturers from our modernly equipped studio. The classes are performed daily, giving you the possibility to study on a daily basis even when you are away from school.
The program is the most professional course offered at Flying Academy, guaranteeing the best aviation experience and education. Flying Academy’s highly trained professional pilots are appointed to ease your learning experience and help you become the best pilot you aspire to be.

Course Benefit


Full Pack Course

Total Hours (185)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Our virtual classroom is set up with the latest technological advancements to ensure a prime level of learning.
  • Students can attend lectures, go through the reading materials, complete assignments, and fulfill their theoretical requirements.
  • No geographic restrictions
  • Students can save tremendous time and funds on their overall pilot training!
  • Courses are broadcasted LIVE so that students may voice questions and enable optimum interactivity
  • At the end of each “class”, students have the opportunity to partake in guided discussions to clarify any misunderstandings they might have concerning the lecture.

Remotely through our eLearning platform,
Our live and recorded courses are fully accessible, anytime on our e-learning platform.

Have no concern, our classes being held twice a day in a way that no time zone, or a busy working schedule will be an obstacle.

All you need is to send a request for the class you missed and, we will provide you with the recorded class. You will always be on track towards your future pilot training.

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