“Hey I can do this, I did this. This is my dream, I am one step closer.” – Norbert

My name is Norbert Santana, I’m from the Dominican Republic, and I’m currently taking the instrument rating course here at Flying Academy L.A.
“I took a trip from the Dominican Republic to Texas when I was back 6 years old for the first time coming to the US, and the pilot of the company that I flew with, he gave me his wings and as a little kid, I thought it was the coolest thing on the world, later on, I got to see what the inside of a cockpit looks like, and that’s why kind of make me wanna get into aviation”.
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“There is a lot of schools that unfortunately don’t paid attention to the students and what their needs are, and you know you go in the class and it is almost as they see you as a tuition. They don’t see you as a real person trying to learn and gain experience. They are moving you all around in your schedule and stuff like that. Here at Flying Academy, every time that I need to take a flight it’s there, I just need to go in, there is no problem, and they really make me feel like, these people are trying to help me evolve my pilot career and that’s number one for me”.

What would you say to a student that just joined Flying Academy?
“I would say you made de right choice, it is absolutely the funniest thing that you can do, with your clothes on! it’s definitely great, it takes a lot of hard work, but, what doesn’t? And I recommend you just calm down, just take a flight, just one flight and see what it is like, and you will know if it is for you or not, and the most people, you know, they really go crazy, so that’s all I can say, just come and try out”.

Flying Academy creates a multicultural learning environment with students from all over the world. This is an opportunity for everyone to be surrounded by students from different cultures and gain a broader understanding that can better prepare them for their future career. Our school offers a lot of opportunities and gives the required support to fullfil their dreams of becoming professional and successful pilots.

Instrument Rating

Private pilot license has limitations, one of them is flying during low visibility conditions under instrument flight rules.
To obtain instrument rating you need to qualify for medical class 1 and be holder of a valid private pilot license. by the time of the skill test, you should have 50 dual hours and your ATPL theory and get your IFR english certificate.
Training for instrument rating can be done at Flying Academy Brno base at Turany Airport on a single engine aircraft Cessna 172 classic or Cessna 172 G1000.
IFR training consist of 50 dual hours out of which 20 can be done in simulator.

Practical part:
Training starts with the basic instrument flight Module.
Then it continues to local area IFR training with different types of approaches.
Third stage is navigation IFR flights to different airport around Czech republic and Europe.
Your training will be finished with a rating issued by local civil aviation authority.
Instrument rating is not only a requirement of being professional pilot but also very useful to fly an aircraft under IFR with a minimum decision height 200 feet as a private pilot.