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Flying Academy now offers RTR online Course!

Course Overview

Radio Telephony Restricted is a Communication system operated in between Air Crew Members & Pilots to Air Traffic Control and Ground Station. This communication system is very crucial for airline operators. 

The RT license exam, it should be written to the Wireless Planning and Coordination(WPC) department of the Ministry of Communications. The exam is conducted 6 times in a year (i.e., two months once) and only in a particular location depending upon the month of the year starting from Feb (New Delhi), April(Mumbai), June(Chennai), August(New Delhi), Oct(Kolkatta) and December(Hyderabad).


RTR Course

$ 599
  • 81 hours of live broadcasted classes for RTR
  • Lecture presentations conducted by appointed instructors
  • Lecture presentations conducted by appointed instructors
  • In-depth consultations
  • Stimulating assignments via Google Classroom
  • Progress check monitored by your student advisor
  • Access to all class recordings
  • Access to your eLearning (LMS) portal where you will find all interactive study material.
  • Final exam
  • Everything is constantly and continuously updated.

Total Hours (81)

RTR Schedule

*The course will start 10th of November*
Day 113 - 16 Prague time 1. Meanings and significance. 2. ATS(Air Traffic Services) abbreviations. 3. Q code groups commonly used in radio telephony(RT) air ground communications. 4. Categories of messages 1. Transmission of letters 2. Transmission of numbers 3. Transmission of time 4. Transmission techniques
Day 213 - 16 Prague time6. RT call signs for aeronautical stations including use of abbreviated call signs 7. RT call signs for aircraft including use of abbreviated call signs 8. Transfer of communication 9. Test procedures including readability scale 11. Radar procedure phraseology
Day 313 - 16 Prague time5. Standard words and phrases 10. Read back and acknowledgement requirements
Day 413 - 16 Prague time(IFR PART) 11. Radar procedure phraseology 12. Level changes and reports 13. Data link messages
Day 513 - 16 Prague time1. Aerodrome weather terms (2) Weather broadcast
Day 713 - 16 Prague time1. Signals and procedures - DISTRESS 2. Urgency
Day 813 - 16 Prague timeVHF PROPAGATION AND ALLOCATION OF FREQUENCIES 1. Meteorological observations 2. Use of morse code.
Day 913 - 16 Prague timeReview
Day 1013 - 16 Prague timeAlphabet, Spelling, Callsign
Day 1113 - 16 Prague timeTaxi in uncontrolled aerodrome
Day 1213 - 16 Prague timeTaxi in controlled aerodrome
Day 1313 - 16 Prague timeDeparting controlled aerodrome
Day 1413 - 16 Prague timeDeparting uncontrolled aerodrome
Day 1513 - 16 Prague timeInformation service communications
Day 1613 - 16 Prague timeCrossing an Uncontrolled Airspace
Day 1713 - 16 Prague timeCrossing a Controlled Airspace
Day 1813 - 16 Prague timeArrival to an Uncontrolled Aerodrome
Day 1913 - 16 Prague timeArrival to a Controlled Aerodrome
Day 2013 - 16 Prague timeIFR departure
Day 2113 - 16 Prague timeIFR en-route
Day 2213 - 16 Prague timeIFR arrival
Day 2313 - 16 Prague timeDistress + Urgency communications
Day 2413 - 16 Prague timeReview
Day 2513 - 16 Prague timeReview
Day 2613 - 16 Prague timeReview
Day 2713 - 16 Prague timeReview

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Radio Telephony Restricted - RTR(A) course provided at Flying Academy enhances aviation communication knowledge and is a requirement for students completing their DGCA License examinations.

The RTR course will be conducted through our live online virtual classrooms.

Flying Academy provides a fixed schedule for these classes. If you are unable to attend any of them, there are recordings of the Live lectures that you may have temporary access to.

For students attending the course in India, the classes will be conducted as a complete distance learning program with live online classes. If students are attending the classes from abroad with no geographical restrictions and you are present at the base, you may attend the RTR course in a physical classroom (in-person).

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