Fulfill your hours with our Time Building offers!

The Time Building program offers the opportunity to build flight hours over Europe (Prague and Vienna). As part of our Time Building program, students can take advantage of discounted flights based on the block of hours purchased. 

Why fly in Europe?

  •  Various commercial airports to train in a professional environment for your future career. 
  • Practice your radio communication in very busy airspaces.
  • Tower airports, paved runways, and approach lights.
  • Flight following for VFR flights improves safety. – IFR equipped airport, practice various approaches.
  • Historic cities with exquisite views to make your adventure memorable.

Flying Academy - Prague & Březí

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic lying at the heart of Europe, is one of the continent’s finest cities and major Czech economic and cultural center, making it the ideal destination for pilots to explore all different facets of Europe from its core in the skies.
The Březí – Falcon Field initially served as an airport for agricultural purposes in the 1970s. In 2018, Flying Academy acquired the field, transforming it into an airport and base of our flight training and maintenance operations by extending the runway and adding airport markings. The airport grounds are being developed sustainably, such as by utilizing solar energy, and are being remodeled for flight training purposes through extensive maintenance work. Furthermore, our approved Part-145 maintenance organization was relocated to Březí Airport.


The Cessna 152 is a two-seat, fixed tricycle gear, general aviation airplane, used for primary flight training, time building and personal flying. The Cessna 152 is the most popular two-seat trainer.

  • 130€/hr (not incl. VAT)
  • Total : 13,000€ (not incl. VAT)
  • 135€/hr (not incl. VAT)
  • Total : 6,750€ (not incl. VAT)
  • 138€/hr (not incl. VAT)
  • Total : 3,450€ (not incl. VAT)
  • 140€/hr (not incl. VAT)

✓PPL holder


The Cessna 172 is a four-seater, single-engine, high-wing airplane. The Cessna 172 is used for PPL, IR and CPL training.The aircraft is equipped for day VFR and can be equipped for night VFR and/or IFR.

  • 160€/hr (not incl. VAT)
  • Total : 16,000€ (not incl. VAT)
  • 162€/hr (not incl. VAT)
  • Total : 8,100€ (not incl. VAT)
  • 164€/hr (not incl. VAT)
  • Total : 4,100€ (not incl. VAT)
  • 165€/hr (not incl. VAT)

✓PPL holder 

C172 G1000

The Cessna 172 SP is a single-engine high-wing and fixed gear four-seater aircraft. The 172 SP Glass Cockpit is perfect for instrument training and is a favourite. The flight deck is powered by the Garmin G1000 avionics suite.

  • 170€/hr (not incl. VAT)
  • Total : 17,000€ (not incl. VAT)
  • 175€/hr (not incl. VAT)
  • Total : 8,750€ (not incl. VAT)
  • 177€/hr (not incl. VAT)
  • Total : 4,425€ (not incl. VAT)
  • 180€/hr (not incl. VAT)

✓PPL holder 


C172 RG

The Cessna 172 RG with its retractable gear is faster, more aerodynamic than other models and capable of reaching up to 130 KIAS. Its constant-speed prop allows the engine to run at a slower RPM, resulting in a quieter flight.

  • 218€/hr (not incl. VAT)
  • Total : 21,800€ (not incl. VAT)
  • 220€/hr (not incl. VAT)
  • Total : 11,000€ (not incl. VAT)
  • 223€/hr (not incl. VAT)
  • Total : 5,575€ (not incl. VAT)
  • 226€/hr (not incl. VAT)

✓PPL holder 

Piper Seminole

The Pa-44 Seminole is a four-seater multi-engine low-wing aeroplane used mainly for MEP/IR training.It clips along at 162 ktas at 20 gph and is extremely durable given it’s all metal construction.

  • 383€/hr (not incl. VAT)
  • Total : 38,300€ (not incl. VAT)
  • 383€/hr (not incl. VAT)
  • Total : 19,150€ (not incl. VAT)
  • 383€/hr (not incl. VAT)
  • Total : 9,575€ (not incl. VAT)
  • 160€/hr (not incl. VAT)
  • 389

✓Multi Engine Rated

PIC 00230 (1)

Flying Academy - Vienna Base

Fulfill your required flight hours in the beautiful Austrian skies! Take this opportunity to discover various scenic routes, and check out historical castles such as the Liechtenstein castles, the glorious Alpes mountains, jaw-dropping landscapes, and National parks.

C172 G1000

The Cessna 172 SP is a single-engine high-wing and fixed-gear four-seater aircraft. The 172 SP Glass Cockpit is perfect for instrument training and is a favorite. The flight deck is powered by the Garmin G1000 avionics suite.

  • 195€/hr (not incl. VAT)
  • Total : 19,500€ (not incl. VAT)
  • 199€/hr (not incl. VAT)
  • Total : 9,950€ (not incl. VAT)
  • 205€/hr (not incl. VAT)
  • Total : 5,125€ (not incl. VAT)
  • 210€/hr (not incl. VAT)

✓ PPL holder 


Why chose Flying Academy?

  • Global Pilot Training Institute
  • Multiple strategically located bases around the world
  • Experienced flight instructors
  • Best Customer service 
  • Affordable rates
  • No overnight Fees (with approval)
  • Up-to-date maintenance records
  • An exceptional variety of fleet with over 42 aircraft. 
  • Incredible prices on aircraft rentals.