Frequently Asked Questions


  • What certification does Flying Academy have?

    Flying Academy is a flight school authorized by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) as well as the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).
    Flying Academy is:

    • EASA Approved Training Organization (CZ/ATO-014)
    • FAA Approved 141 & 61 Flight School

    Click here to read more about our flight training and certification.

  • Where is Flying Academy located?

    Flying Academy is located in the Czech Republic with bases in Prague – the capital, Brno – second biggest city in the country and Ostrava.
    In United States of America Flying Academy is located in Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California.
    Flying Academy has recently opened an office in Gurugram, Delhi NCR,  Republic of India to provide you the best consultancy services and assistance with admission process into your dream pilot training program either in Europe or the USA.

  • What do I need to be able to start the training?

    To start your training you will need the right visa (if a visa is needed), health or travel insurance, proof of identity and diploma or certificate of your highest education. We will also schedule you for the Medical examination as soon as possible so that you’ll be able to fly solo.

  • When can I start my training?

    You can start your training as soon as you have all the needed documents.

  • Are your planes safe?

    The regulation in the European Union is very strict about aviation safety. Our fleet is maintained at the highest levels of safety.

  • How many aircraft are there in your fleet?

    Flying Academy is operating a fleet of 31 aircraft. Mainly we are using Pipers and Cessnas for ab-initio pilot training, as these aircraft gained the title of the best aircraft for pilot training.

  • I have no experience in Aviation, how can I become a pilot?

    Flying Academy is a well known provider of ab-initio flight training both in the USA and in Europe. Wide portfolio of courses, allows us to offer tailor-made solutions on top of tried and tested training paths to meet each trainee’s individual needs and help every pilot to reach their goals no matter if you have previous experience in Aviation field or not.

  • Do you accept international students in Flying Academy?

    Flying Academy is International Flight Training Center that creates a multicultural learning environment. With students from all around the world. This intercultural competency will help students feel comfortable working in different countries throughout their career or sharing the cockpit of an airline with a pilot from another culture.

  • Which base is better for my training EU or USA one?

    It highly depends on what type of license you would like to gain FAA or EASA one. The training can be individually combined the way, so you could visit and get experience both in European and US aerospace. Contact our team of Flight Training Consultants in order to find the most suitable training location for your training.

  • Who will help me with Visa, accommodation, arrange arrival etc.?

    Flying Academy is having a whole team of dedicated Flight Training Consultants, located on 2 continents that will guide you throughout all the application process. From your creating a tailor-made training program to arranging your arrival to the school.

  • Do you provide any scholarships?

    Flying Academy is a commercial organization and not providing any scholarships or other form of financial support at the moment. In case you already applied for any funding program and you need a supportive documentation from Flying Academy (confirmation of interest or official training course description with fees) – we will be happy to assist you. Just send the email to and your Personal Flight Training Consultant will get in touch with you within 1 business day in order to help with this query.

  • With which airlines do you cooperate?

    Flying Academy is a direct provider for Ryanair Cadet Program
    In the past months we have been in close discussions with Ryanair and now we can make the news public to you all. Based on the exceptional results we had with the candidates who went for the assessment, Flying Academy has been selected as a direct provider of Cadets for the company.
    The opportunity which we offer to our graduates is to start employment with Ryanair, without payment for the Type Rating.
    To qualify for the Flying Academy for Ryanair assessment you need to: 

    • Have completed the training with Flying Academy
    • Be a holder of a EU passport
    • Hold an EASA CPL license + Frozen ATPL and valid ME IR
    • Hold Class 1 Medical
    • 70 hours PIC if Integrated or 100 hours PIC if Modular
    • Have been a top performer and had a good attitude during training
    • English language proficiency Level 4 minimum

    All interested can submit a request to be considered for the program via an email to

Medical Certificates

  • What kind of Medical Certificate do I need?

    EASA Medical Certificate

    For CPL, IR, MEP, FI/IRI, 0-ATPL you need Class 1 Medical Certificate. 
    For PPL, NR, ATPL theory you need Class 2 Medical Certificate. If you hold a PPL with an instrument rating, you will need to undertake an audiometry test.

    FAA Medical Certificate

    For PPL and IR you need Class 3 Medical Certificate.
    For  CPL, MEL, 0-CPL, CFI/CFII you need Class 2 Medical Certificate.

  • How long is the Medical Certificate valid for?

    EASA Medical Certificate

    Class 1:  12 months until the age of 40 (depending on the type of flying being performed)

    Class 2:

    • 60 months until you are 40
    • 24 months if you are between 40 and 50
    • 12 months if you are over 50


    FAA Medical Certificate

    Please, find out more about types and validity periods of FAA Medical Certificate here.

  • How much does the entry medical examination cost?

    EASA Medical Certificate


    • Class 1 – 350 EUR
    • Class 2- 100 EUR


    • Class 1 – 815 EUR
    • Class 2- 350 EUR


    FAA Medical Certificate

    The prices vary from $60 to $120.

  • What is the difference between entry medical examination in Prague and Vienna?

    The Class 1 medical examination in Prague takes 2 days, is generally considered more thorough and includes also psychological assessment (several different cognitive and aptitude tests).
    The Class 1 medical examination in Vienna takes 1 day and includes very brief psychological assessment.
    If you are a Czech or Slovak going for a medical examination in Prague (both Class 1 and 2), you need to bring a report of your medical records from your general practitioner.
    If you are a female going for a medical examination in Prague (both Class 1 and 2), you need to bring a report from a gynecologist.

  • Can I get EASA Medical Certificate in my home-country?

    Your Medical Certificate needs to be issued by EASA – approved medical examiner. The entry examination for Medical Certificate Class 1 can only be done in EASA member country (in Europe).
    We cooperate with aero-medical centers in Prague or Vienna. If you would like to complete your medical examination in any other EASA-approved medical center, you can do so. However, your Medical Certificate needs to reflect that your Pilot License will be issued in the Czech Republic.

  • Can I use EASA Medical Certificate I already have?

    Please send the scan of your Medical Certificate to your Flight Training Consultant or to and we will let you know, if your current Medical Certificate can be used for the training.

  • When can I do my EASA Class 1 Medical Certificate and how long does it take?

    In Prague, the medical examination takes 2 days and can be started either on Mondays or Wednesdays.
    In Vienna, the medical examination takes 1 day and can be done on Tuesdays.
    The Class 1 medical examination starts early in the morning and lasts the whole day.
    We can help you book your medical examination, but the booking should be done approximately 1 month in advance to ensure that your required date will be available.

  • What will EASA medical examiner check?

    Please click here for more details.

  • Will I pass EASA Class 1 medical examination?

    The general requirements can be found in Part-MED regulation . Please bear in mind, that the final decision is made by the Approved Medical Examiner based on the actual results of all the tests. If needed, the medical examiner is entitled to request additional medical tests carried out by specialists (hematologist, immunologist, etc.).

  • Where can I obtain my FAA Medical Certificate?

    You can do your Medical Certificate at any medical center approved by the FAA. The school offers assistance to obtain it.

  • What are the FAA medical requirements?

    The requirements can be found under the following link.

Visa Support

  • Do you provide Visa support?

    Yes, we do.
    There might be particular requirements for  you for obtaining the visa depending on the country you come from, or from which country you apply for the visa. It is your responsibility to check such requirements at the embassy where you will apply for your visa.
    Make sure that you have a valid passport for the whole period of your training program.

  • Do I qualify for a Visa?

    EU Visa

    In order to get Visa the applicants must demonstrate that they meet visa requirements including:

    • Live in a residence abroad, with no immediate intention of abandoning that residence
    • Intend to depart from the Czech Republic upon completion of the course of study
    • Possess sufficient funds to pursue the proposed course of study

    US Visa

    The Immigration and National Act has specific requirements which must be met by applicants for the student visa. Consulates will determine whether you qualify for the visa. Applicants must demonstrate that they properly meet student visa requirements including:

    • Live in a residence abroad, with no immediate intention of abandoning that residence
    • Intend to depart from the United States upon completion of the course of study
    • Possess sufficient funds to pursue the proposed course of study
  • When should I apply?

    EU Visa

    Application for a Schengen short-term visa can be filed within 3 months of the planned trip. Applications are in most cases reviewed within 7-15 days. In individual cases, the review period can be extended up to 30 days and in exceptional cases up to 60 days.
    Applications for a Schengen long-term visa in most cases reviewed within 1-3 months. In individual cases the review might take up to 6 months.

    US Visa

    Embassies/Consulates can issue your M1 student visa as early as 120 days before the start date on your I-20 form. Students are encouraged to apply for their I-20 early to provide enough time for visa processing. It is recommended that you wait until you receive your Form I-20 before you make an interview appointment at the U.S. embassy or U.S. consulate. Students can enter the U.S. no earlier than 30 days before the study start date shown on your I-20 form.

  • Why is the deposit payment required?

    The deposit serves as a proof of sufficient funds for the course, and to cover the expenses on courier services used to send you the documents for the visa application. You need to have sufficient funds to pay for your course. In many cases, we are contacted by the government officials and asked to confirm your admission to the school.

  • Do I need health insurance?

    Yes. Students are responsible for obtaining health insurance.

  • What is the I-20 form?

    The I-20 form shows that you are eligible for M-1 Student status. The I-20 form is issued by the school (Silver Express). The M1 visa is issued by the US Consulate/Embassy.

  • What about my spouse and/or dependents?

    It is possible for qualifying spouses & dependents to join M1 students in the US as M2 visa holders. Please contact our school official for information.

  • Is it possible to take vacation as an M1 Student?

    Yes, the amount of vacation depends on your length of study.


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