Where to study aviation? Colombia Vs. United States

Mathematics are a broad, exact and complex science. Do not be scared, the point in favour is that, although aviation is not a science that requires high levels of knowledge in mathematics if you need the basics and also at the time of choosing your academy will play a fundamental roll.
I chose to study aviation in the United States after investigating the subject for about a year, I visited airports in Colombia, schools, offices, I got on airplanes, and many times I wanted to fly in them, but even though I was in My land, “Where do I know all of them?”, I could not persuade any academy to take me on a flight as a passenger or on a reconnaissance flight at a reasonable price.
In the summer of 2018, my family scheduled a vacation to Miami and Orlando, for 15 days we enjoyed, we rested and then they returned to Colombia without me, how? That’s right, without me! When we arrived in Miami I decided to go to one of its 8 airports, I wanted to visit a school, see and experience what it would be like to study aviation here, I was not really prepared for what was coming, I was just going to find out, but as soon as I entered, I noticed the difference from one country to another, the attention, the facilities, the planes, the language (English of course), and I did not need to ask if I could fly on one of their planes that day, they They offered to take me as a passenger on a Diamond DA-40, a plane I had never heard before. With a certain fear, but with more emotion, a casual day turned out to be extraordinary with me in the air.

In the following days, we left Miami for Orlando to enjoy its parks, attractions, and shopping centers, but I was left with the thorn that flying here was really easy, I did not hesitate for more than 2 days to get closer to a new school in Orlando and again I found that Within 30 miles, I had again 8 other airports to go to, I chose one at random. Can you guess the result? It turns out flying again! Easy, this time a Piper PA-28.
I decided to stay 2 months, I visited too many cities, airports, and schools here in Florida, and my dream became to study aviation in the United States, I did not find any similarity in terms of language, study time, aeronautical infrastructure, and aircraft maintenance, everything is totally different. Next, I will explain point by point better.
Language: It is not my first point by chance, it is the first point because if you want to be a pilot, not any pilot, a good one, with international opportunities, for no one is a secret that English is the means of aeronautical communication by definition. If the dream is to be an airline pilot and leave the country, English is the most effective tool. Thinking about it, why wait to graduate to find airlines rejection for the language? Is not it better to do it now? Receiving instruction in English?
Study Time: In Colombia, an aviation career takes approximately 2 years, while here in the United States, the average is one year. Without going very far there are 2 reasons for this. 1. The number of airplanes that schools have and 2. The number of buts that schools in Colombia have to operate, schools obey Civil Aeronautics and like all government institutions in Colombia, they are not only slow but also problematic.
Aeronautical infrastructure: I’m really impressed by the number of airports that are here in the USA, as I wrote at the beginning of the blog, there are 8 airports inside Miami and 8 inside Orlando respectively, without counting the private ones. There are so many airports here that it is difficult in an emergency not to have a place to land. Now let’s go to Colombia where by luck city there are 2 airports 3 by a lot, emergencies happen, and our “highways” are not too big to say and apart they have gaps, sorry! I had to say. If you have not come to the United States you have to come, Motorways of up to 8 lanes on one side and 8 lanes on the other.

Obviously with the airports come the planes, thousands of them, and with them the opportunities!
Maintenance of airplanes: At this point, he spoke of the United States, meticulous maintenance is done every 100 hours of flight by law, and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is very rigorous in everything. Because of this everyone complies with them, and nobody wants to have problems with them, something that does not happen in Colombia, talk about Civil Aeronautics, is synonymous with delay, which should not be so, and that sad the truth, between delay and delay, maintenance is declining.
Finally, what most interests us all, the biggest obstacle we have to studying aviation: MONEY you probably think that: if studying in Colombia is already expensive, and to study in the United States you need a fortune, but NO, you need the same money as if you were going to study in Colombia!

The mathematics is exact, I already told you, if the price of studying aviation in Colombia or the United States is the same, what’s stopping you from coming? Afraid of English? To be alone, away from family and friends? Do not you want to leave your comfort zone?
After the 2 months that I went around here, I returned to Colombia and it took me only 1 month to obtain my new student VISA, 5 months have passed and I am already a Private Pilot. I dare to say it is the best decision I have made in my life, for me, there is no point in comparison being here, where aviation is truly an industry, or in my country Colombia, on the land that I love, everything is an issue of evolution.