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Flying Academy now offers an IR Refresher Course!

Course Overview

In order to improve your Aviation English skills and reach better results during the examination, Flying Academy is organizing a refresher course which is for 10 hours.


IR Refresher Course

$ 349 Full Pack Course
  • Grammar
  • General English and communication
  • Abbreviations, phraseology
  • Devices and navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Descriptions (planning)
  • Flight traffic control, manuals
  • Final exam

Total Hours (10)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Pilots need to be precise and thorough with IR English to fly under IFR in accordance with the Aviation language used internationally. As the examination for IR English is mandatory, this course provides the opportunity to understand and prepare for the examination and establishes competency and professionalism prior to the exam. 

The IR Refresher Course will be conducted through our virtual classrooms.

As the dates of examination are conducted through a fixed schedule, students will have the possibility of choosing a date from the given schedule. 

If there are no geographical restrictions and you are present at base, you may attend the IR Refresher course in a physical classroom setting (in-person).

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