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Flying Academy USA

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Flying Academy Europe

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Flying Academy India

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Flight school Flying Academy

With over 12 years of continuous activity in Europe and over 30 years in USA, Flying Academy is one of the fastest growing flight schools that provides a high standard of flight training in an airline-like environment.

  • Learn to fly in European Union and/or in Miami, FL, USA
  • Our instructors are current or former airline pilots
  • Subsidized iPad mini for our students starting their professional flight training program
  • Pilot courses for future EASA and FAA private and commercial pilots

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Flying Academy Open Door Day in Brno & Prague on 24th March

Choosing the right school for your pilot training program is a very significant step. It is very important to make the right choice and be sure about the place, courses, and costs that you are going to invest into your education.

If you are dreaming about pilot career or leisure flying, the Open Door Day is the best way how to know more about what it takes!
Flying Academy is organizing the Open Door Day on 24th March at our bases in Brno and Prague for all people who want to become professional aircraft or dron pilots.
Come and meet our professional Flying Academy team. We will be glad to show you our bases, classrooms and answer any of your questions. You will have a unique chance to visit our hangars and see our aircraft fleet too. Our instructors will be available the whole day and will be glad to tell you detailed information about flying, flight training and aircraft we use for training.

Make your dream come true and take your first step towards your pilot career. Come to visit us on the 24th of March. Visit Flying Academy homepage to learn how to become a professional pilot at Flying Academy.

On the Open Door Day a special promotion will be ready for all new students!


The Time Schedule will be as follows:

10:00 - 10:30: Tea + base tour
10:30 - 12:00: Presentation of flight training courses
12:00 - 13:00: Q&A with Flight Instructors
13:00 - 13:30: Coffee break
13:30 - 14:30: Fleet Visit*, Intro flight if requested
14:30 - 15:00: Conclusion, final Q&A

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Flying Academy is going to organize FI/IRI Refresher seminar in Brno

Flying Academy flight school is going to organize a Refresher seminar for Flight Instructor (FI) and Instrument Rating Instructor (IRI) which is needed for revalidation of an FI certificate. The seminar will take two days on the 24th and the 25th of February from 9 AM to 4 PM at Flying Academy at Brno Turany airport. The price of seminar is 4000 CZK + VAT.


The content of FI & IRI refresher seminar is as follows:


•  new or current regulations, with emphasis on knowledge of Part-FCL and operational requirements
•  teaching and learning
•  instructional techniques
•  the role of the instructor
•  national regulations (as applicable)
•  human factors
•  flight safety, incident and accident prevention
•  airmanship
•  legal aspects and enforcement procedures
•  navigational skills including new or current radio navigation aids
•  teaching instrument flying, etc.


Detailed content will be published before beginning of the seminar.


This seminar is designed to comply with regulation FCL.940.FI and its compulsory for all EASA Flight instructors as a part of their standardization.

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ATPL 650 - English course in Brno

The abbreviation ATPL means "Airline Transport Pilot License" and is the highest level of aircraft pilot certification. ATPL course is designated to train pilots to work in an airline company. Individuals certified as Airline Transport Pilots are authorized to act as pilot-in-command (Captain) of an aircraft in commercial air transportation.


Entry requirements:

- To be a 11older of PPL(A)

- Acceptable Englisl1 language skills - ATO oral and written test. 


ATPL(A) 650 course icludes IR and CPL theory:

- Classes will be performed daily from 9.00 am to 5.00pm


Place of course:

Flying Academy, s. r. o.

Brno, Turany Airpotrt

Czech Republic


Course admission:

tel: +420 2 2888 2444



More information on: or at our front desk




02.04.2018 - Human Performance
03.04.2018 - Meteorology 1
04.04.2018 - Meteorology 2
05.04.2018 - Principles of Flight
06.04.2018 - OFF
07.04.2018 - Operational Procedures
08.04.2018 - Flight Planning
09.04.2018 - OFF
10.04.2018 - Air Law 1
11.04.2018 - Air Law 2
12.04.2018 - Communication

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Time building in USA - Experience of Martin Krovacek

Hi my name is Martin. I am a 25 year old private pilot and former glider pilot from Aeroclub Liberec. I have had a PPL license for a year and a half. As all pilots in module training I faced the same question of how will I fly my time building? How will I use this time in the most efficient way? First, I started with cross-country navigation flights. After my endorsement to the fantastic taildrag Z-226, I received the aerotowing license.

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