We will go through the flight request, the weather checking, preparing NAV LOG, METARs/TAFs, flight plans. Many more things will be covered in the video below.

Step 1

First of all, we start by requesting the flight for the next day. We do it on our platform flyfa.com and complete the online form.

Step 2

On the flight day, we start with checking which plane we have on the schedule since sometimes there can be some changes the night before or the morning of the flight. We check our plane on our platform flyfa.com.

Step 3

Once we know what aircraft we have, we move to the office to collect the documents in order to go through all the paperwork.

Step 4

Once the documents are collected, we go through them one by one in order to make sure that all checks have been done and the aircraft is airworthy.

Step 5

Next step is to prepare the NAV LOG. We do it on skyvector.com

Step 6

Then we check the weather: rainfall, synoptic maps, airspaces, METAR (weather in the surroundings). We will go through all the websites to make sure there is no surprise during the flight.

Step 7

After checking the weather, we proceed to ippc.no on which we print METARs and TAFs. We print out all the documents to go through it one by one in the next step.

Step 8

Next step is to make the weather briefing using the documents printed in the previous step.
Make sure you complete all the mentioned steps because a good preparation at the ground will save a lot of time in the air.
Have a safe flight, Aviators!

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