What is the Zero to 1500 hours course?

From Zero to 1.500 hours course is designed for future pilots with no current flight experience, who will start the training from PPL(A) to CPL(A) and add the IR(A), MEL and Certified Flight Instructor ratings and additionally 1300 hours of experience within 2 years of working as a Flight Instructor (Pilot in Command time) at Flying Academy, reaching 1500 hours total time, that is not only a crucial milestone for all airlines, but also a turning point for each pilot’s personal flight experience.

What are the Zero to 1500 hours course entry requirements?

The 0-1500 hours course entry requirements are as follows:

  1. to be at least 18 years old
    You need to be at least 18 years old to be able to enroll in Integrated ATPL(A) training.
  2. to be Class 1 Medical holder
    You need to be physically fit for commercial flying (capable of holding a Pilot Medical Certificate Class 1).
  3. to be proficient in the English language
    During the PPL(A) training, you will obtain ICAO English Language Proficiency check minimum level 4 and during IR(A) phase, you will extend the privileges of ICAO English Language Proficiency check to IFR.
  4. to have sufficient knowledge of Mathematics and Physics
    You must be able to make some basic mental calculation and have a minimum of knowledge in Mathematics and Physics, no degree or scholarship are needed but an evaluation will be done by the Academy.
  5. United States citizenship or working permit for US
    You need to have either United States citizenship or permission to take a job within United States

What will I do during my Zero to 1500 hours training?

License privileges & Flight Instructor in Flying Academy

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From Zero to 1.500 hours course offers you the best opportunity to start your professional pilot career with 1500 flight hours in your logbook:

  • 200 hours during the zero to Commercial Pilot training program (100 hours as Pilot in Command and 100 hours as Dual received)
  • 1.300 hours during the first 2 years of working as a Flight Instructor in Flying Academy (Pilot in Command time)

Please note that a Flight Instructor position in Flying Academy is not guaranteed and is 100% dependent on the trainee’s performance during the training period but also about how he/she will develop teaching skills. Periodic assessment on the pilot’s performance is done during the entire training period, making sure that all necessary steps and actions have been performed for the trainee to be able to become a Flight Instructor for Flying Academy.

1. Ground training

During the Zero to 1.500 hours, the trainee will complete theoretical courses for PPL(A), IR(A), MEL(A), ATPL theory & CFI(A). The applicant has to go through ground training covering:

  • Air law and ATC procedures
  • Airframes & systems, electrics, power-plant, emergency equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • Mass and balance
  • Performance
  • Flight planning & monitoring
  • Human performance & limitations
  • Meteorology
  • General navigation
  • Radio navigation
  • Operational procedures
  • Principles of flight
  • Communications
  • For the FI rating, the trainee will undergo dedicated preparation to meet the standards of quality of Flying
  • Academy for Certified Flight Instructors.

2. Flight Training

Flight training will start with the PPL(A) and Night Rating, continues with IR(A), MEL(A), CPL(A) and finally CFI(A).
At the end of the training + 2 years of employment, the trainee will have a minimum of 1500 total flight hours (including PPL(A) time):

  • 1.400 hours as Pilot in Command
  • 100 hours of Dual hours (training received)

3. Theoretical Examinations

The applicant has to demonstrate the theoretical knowledge at the FAA approved office in the form of written tests.

4. Practical Examinations

The practical skill exams in the airplane with the examiner can be taken after successful completion of the written tests.
For the 0-1500 hours there are 6 practical examinations: PPL(A), IR(A), MEL(A) & MEL(A) IR, CPL(A) and CFI(A)
The applicant must demonstrate the ability to:

  • Operate the airplane within its limitations
  • Complete all maneuvers as smooth and as accurate as requested by FAA
  • Exercise good judgment and airmanship
  • Apply aeronautical knowledge
  • Maintain control of the airplane at all times.

How much does the Zero to 1500 hours course cost?

Flight school Flying Academy is offering one of the most cost-efficient ab-inition to Commercial training packages in the United States. The fees for the complete course 0-1500 hours FAA Part-61 includes all modules needed for being able to comply with the FAA CPL(A) issuance requirements.
The course price starts from 35370 USD. Training fees are covering the following items and services:

  • All training manuals
  • Access to the Learning Management System and FAA question bank
  • Flight Instructor time for ground school & practical training
  • Bonus – account for Rocket Route flight planning services – valued $300/year
  • Airplane usage, including fuel
  • Subsidized iPad mini 4G + WiFi

*All training fees are bound to the actual exchange rates of the local currency of the Flying Academy base where the training or a part of the training is provided. Learn more about complete training fees.

How long does it take to complete Zero to 1500 hours course?

The minimum time needed for completion of Zero to 1.500 hours training program is about 16 months after which additional 24 months of contract from the moment of obtaining the Flight Instructor license.

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