Portimao, Portugal – 15.11.2023 – Flying Academy, the premier global flight school known for its top-tier aviation training programs, is thrilled to announce its expansion with a new base of operations set in the beautiful coastal town of Portimao, Portugal. This expansion marks a significant milestone for Flying Academy as it continues to spread its wings internationally, offering exceptional pilot training to aspiring aviators in Europe and beyond.

An Ideal Location for Aspiring Pilots!

Located in the Algarve region, known for its stunning beaches, scenic landscapes, and ideal flying conditions, Portimao offers an exceptional environment for flight training. The region’s clear skies and favorable weather patterns provide perfect conditions for student pilots to log flight hours year-round.

With a history of producing highly skilled pilots through advanced training and a dedication to excellence, Flying Academy’s new facility in Portimao is fully equipped with a modern fleet of aircraft and classrooms.

Flying Academy’s presence in Portimao represents more than just an expansion of our bases; it is a commitment to making world-class pilot training more accessible,” said Radim Olbrecht, CEO of Flying Academy. “Portimao is the ideal gateway for our students to the European skies, and we are excited to welcome new and current students to this incredible location.

The Perfect Winter Season Flight Training Destination

The expansion to Portimao not only broadens Flying Academy’s horizons but also introduces a destination for winter season flight training. Students have the advantage to switch between our European bases to expedite their training in beautiful weather conditions. The mild and stable climate of the Algarve, combined with less congested airspace, presents an ideal setting for uninterrupted training sessions and the accumulation of required flying hours. This ensures continuity and consistency in training schedules, which is essential for students aiming to meet their flight hour requirements within specific time frames.
They have crafted a variety of unique package options to suit your training needs. To enhance your experience, select packages include the added benefit of complimentary accommodation. These carefully tailored packages are designed to provide both convenience and value. We encourage you to explore these options to find the perfect fit for your flight training journey. Additionally, our Portimao base offers the advantage of lower landing fees compared to their other European locations, making your training more cost-effective. Plus, with the affordable cost of living in the region, your overall training experience becomes even more economical and stress-free.

Extensive Support Throughout Your Flight Training Journey

Flying Academy is not only dedicated to providing exceptional pilot training but also ensures a seamless and supportive experience for every student from the moment they consider enrolling. To facilitate this, the academy has a dedicated team of flight training consultants who are committed to assisting students at every step of their journey.

  • Admission Assistance: Guidance through the application process, ensuring all paperwork and prerequisites are completed accurately and promptly.
  • Visa Support: Invaluable advice and assistance with visa applications for international students, making the transition to our training locations as smooth as possible.
  • Accommodation Facilities: Assistance in providing accommodation provisions close to the base ensuring that the students have a safe and suitable environment throughout the duration of their studies. .

About Flying Academy

With a long-standing reputation for producing skilled pilots equipped for the demands of a dynamic aviation industry, Flying Academy prides itself on offering a curriculum that meets the highest standards of safety and proficiency. The academy’s commitment to providing accessible, high-quality training remains steadfast as they continue to grow and serve the global pilot community.

With a global network of training bases, Flying Academy boasts three strategic locations across the United States and three others spread throughout the European Union, each chosen for their optimal flying conditions and quality training environments.

The academy’s expansion to Portimao further extends its reach, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive training experience that prepares students for the challenges of an aviation career in any part of the world. 

For more information, please visit portugal.flyingacademy.com or contact us via email at [email protected] or call us at +420 228 882 444 / +351-91-737-0757

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