Hi Karim, I am a young aviation lover and I am willing to join flight school. What would you recommend for me? I am 30 years old now and I think it’s a bit late for a career change.

First of all, being 30 years old is never too late! My colleagues were 30+ and they still managed to get a job within high-class airlines once they graduated, so don’t look at it as a major obstacle!
Regarding flight schools, I did mine with Flying Academy and I was very happy with the whole process!

Hola Karim, can a person be Color-blind and still become a pilot?

Well, the answer is yes and no. Yes, because nowadays you can undergo a special medical examination, to test the severity of the color-blindness and judge whether or not it is within the limits, and no, because you can only have a Private Pilot License and fly during daylight. So it won’t be possible to join the airlines if that’s your
final goal.

Good morning Karim, is it necessary to have a bachelor degree before starting flight school?

To be honest, it can be of great help! It will help you understand more of the principles and aerodynamics of flight! However, it isn’t compulsory to have it as most airlines don’t really require it.

Hi Karim, I heard that if I ever become an airline pilot, I will have to go to work sometimes at 3 am in the morning to do an eight hour flight! How is possible for a non-morning person to adapt to this dramatic shift?

Well, play less on your Playstation and watch less Netflix and you will be able to cope with the schedule. But seriously speaking, organization and planning are the keys to success in here! You obviously get your monthly roster every time, so you can plan around it and organize your days accordingly especially if you need to sleep in the
afternoon in order to wake up fresh at 2 am. But if aviation is your passion, I am pretty sure you won’t find any trouble adapting to the pilot life!

Bonjour Karim, est ce qu’il y a un age limite pour devenir pilote? (So the question is: Is there is actually an age limit to become a pilot?)

Not really. As I mentioned earlier, it is never too late to become a pilot. You can even undergo training for a Private Pilot License and be able to rent a small 4 seater Cessna and fly for fun. But most airlines usually set the age to 35 y.o. for the Second Officers and 45 y.o. for the First Officers, which is plenty of time if you’re planning to start your training during your thirties.

Hi Karim, I wanted to know how is it possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle while flying and eating airline food?

Well, it is not really complicated! First of all, you can still bring your own food from home. Please avoid soups and any other kind of crazy liquid, since it can make a mess in the flight deck. Airline food isn’t that bad, depends on the one you’re flying with. However, you can still cook a healthy reasonable meal at home and eat it during the flight. Plus, in case you’re on a layover, the hotel certainly has a gym where you can keep up with your workout schedule.

Hello Karim, what would you recommend to focus on the most during my flight training?

First of all, I would recommend you not to worry about whether you will be having a job or not and focus more on your ATPL Theory. For example, even if you chose to go for engineering or any other field of study, no one will guarantee you the job in the end either! It’s better to live in the present moment and make the best out of your training. Meteorology, General Navigation and Principles of Flight are the toughest and yet the most entertaining ones! It doesn’t mean that you have to neglect Mass and Balance and Communication. Try to get a full mark in every single subject in order to stand out during your airline assessment.
I hope I could answer most of your questions. If you still have any, do not hesitate to contact me on our  Instagram pages! @flyingacademy@karimzribi
See you soon, aviators!

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