Dreams come true! Follow up Sofiya on her way to become a pilot, her best moments, her feelings and her spontaneous SOLO.

“The United States is a lot more sophisticated compared to India. In my country is a little bit limited, and the training over here is done much faster compared to my country, that was one of the major factors I came here to Miami all the way from India” – Sofiya.

“The first time I had my discovery flight, I was screaming from inside, well, obviously I couldn’t scream. My instructor was on board and I just looked down and I was like; Oh my god! I’m in air!”

It takes bravery to become a pilot. If you are not 100% sure to do it, don’t do it. It is a big responsibility to become a pilot. Whenever you commit a mistake, understanding that it is a matter of safety that can save your own life and others, anyone can do a mistake but you have to know how to overcome them.

Her review of our Flying Academy, aircraft, maintenance, instructors, staff, students from all around the world, the experience that she is having with us.

Pieces of advice for you, hard work and dedication are key to success, situational awareness of what is happening around you that’s what makes you a good pilot.
She is showing you how close you are to fulfil your dreams. Are you ready?

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