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FNPT II Flight Simulator Piper Seneca

Course Overview

Flying Academy offers all pilots the possibility to fly on our new Generic Multi-Engine Piston Airplane simulator at our base in Prague, Czech Republic. You have an opportunity to practice any situation which may occur during the flight such as engine failure, instrument failure, even bad weather conditions. The simulator is perfect to renew or revalidate your instrument rating, IRI training, or building up hours in instrument conditions issued by PART FCL.

  • Experienced instructors to teach and train students with quality education and knowledge.  
  • Simulating operational procedures for advanced experience.
  • Simulating all ATC communications as in real-life settings and situations for maximum practice.


FNPT II Flight Simulator

$ 215 The simulator is certified for flying under IR, SEP, or MEP aircraft.

You will have the ability to practice standard procedures and non-standard scenarios before flying with a real airplane and be perfectly ready for a real flight.


Enhance your experience in IFR procedures, airplane control, and management. During the class, you will learn standard IR procedures, approaches and departures, and a lot more.

Check-ride preparation

Learn and review standard check-ride scenarios including operational procedures, ATC practice, emergency procedures, and fixing failure procedures.

Skill improvement

Improve your skills with extra basic training and practice standard IFR and VFR maneuvers (stall, engine failure, electricity failure, etc. ), and conditional training of approaches (ILS, VOR, NBD,  circling to land).

Screening preparation

To be fully prepared for your next career step, you can enhance your skills with training according to the scenarios that can prepare you for a particular simulator check of your prospective airline career.

Particular route scenario

Are you planning your first flight abroad? Are you aware of the first flight to CTR or any congested area with heavy traffic? Would you like to practice training in a demanding approach similar to busy airports? Benefit from our simulator to gain confidence for your flight by practicing prepared scenarios and enhancing your flight skills.

The price cover the following:

*1-hour of Simulator ($130)

*The1-hour charge for an Instructor ($55)

*30-minutes of Briefing ($30)

*Review Terms & Conditions*

Examples of Point to point scenarios with ATC communication and other traffic simulation

  • LKLT (Letnany)  via LKPR (Prague) to LKKV (Karlovy Vary)
  • LKLT (Letnany) to LKVO (Vodochody)
  • LKLT (Letnany) to EDDC (Dresden)
  • LKLT (Letnany) to LOAV (Bad Vöslau)
  • LKPR (Prague) to EDDM (Munich)
  • LFPG (Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport) to LFPO (Paris Orly Airport)
  • LOWW (Vienna) to LOWI (Innsbruck)

  • LDSP (Split Airport)
  • LDDU (Dubrovnik Airport)
  • LSZA (Lugano Airport)
  • LSZC (Buochs Airport)
  • LSME (Emmen Airport)
  • LSGS (Sion Airport)
  • LSZH (Zurich Airport)
  • LSGG (Genève Aéroport)
  • LDLO (Mali Losinj Airport)
  • LDSB (Airport Brač)

  • Flight from base to your destination with all operational procedures, ATC, and failure simulation.  Pilots have to control airplanes, follow SOP and emergency scenarios, and mainly build up decisions according to failure, meteorological conditions, NOTAMs, and decide how and where to continue.

  • FNPT II Flight Simulator Piper Seneca
  • FNPT II Flight Simulator Piper Seneca
  • FNPT II Flight Simulator Piper Seneca
  • FNPT II Flight Simulator Piper Seneca
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