Matthew about the beginning

The aviation path of Matthew started from flying radio-control planes. He built them and just enjoyed controlling and flying fast these small aircraft. However, that time, he didn’t plan to become a professional pilot. One day, he took an aviation class at his high school and during the lessons, he realized that he loves learning and finding out more about aviation itself. He liked studying different systems of the aircraft. Finally, Matthew decided to become a pilot.

When we went on a trip and saw a plane in the sky I was like, man it would be so cool to fly that! And now I am the one flying it. So it’s cool to switch from looking at it to actually doing it.

Matthew about choosing the flight school

Matthew advised those who want to become a pilot, definitely look thoroughly every single school, every single instructor, type of plane and take everything into consideration.

Make sure you pick a school you love.

Matthew about Flying Academy

The first time he had a lesson at Flying Academy, he knew that he loved everything about it and it was awesome because he knew he could actually fly a plane. He looked at other schools and they were too expensive and didn’t provide him with the same freedom he craved.

Here in Flying Academy, I found that it is more laid-back and it works around your schedule.

Matthew about his goal

While speaking with Matthew, he said that his goal is probably to work in the airlines or corporate flying. He grew up doing 3D aerobatic flying, so he loves to kind of link back to that as well.

Am I going to be the best pilot? I would just say that no one really cares. If it makes you happy and you want to do it, then do it.

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