There are many ways in which a dream could be born. You might take your first ‘flight’ with a wooden toy plane in your childhood bedroom or one sit backseat with a pilot you know. However, the story of our student pilot Niharika is about expanding her career and broadening her mindset while being an airline cabin crew.
The captains motivated her during the flight. They were responding to Niharika’s curiosity with 100% positivity. She asked many questions about aviation in which she indulged in their answers. For instance, how to talk to the ATC? They were narrating about different places she can visit as a pilot. In that moment of exhilaration, Niharika decided to take her life to the next level and become a pilot.
Niharika speaking about Flying Academy:
“They have maintained their aircraft pretty well. I love the equipment, I love how they keep updating it.”, – every pilot wants to know that the planes are in a good condition, and this is undoubtedly the truth.

“I love being in the sky, I love being around the plane, it is something which always makes me happy.”

It sounds amazing, however, just dreaming big is not always enough. You have to work hard towards your goals, come out of your comfort zone, and fly to build your hours. The accumulation of this will result in you making your dreams come true.

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