Our “virtual classroom” platform has helped us to reach out and instruct our students from all corners of the world while continuing to provide top-quality pilot training without any delay. We have successfully taught thousands of students with this modern method of teaching. Our mission is to assist and encourage our students to achieve their dreams and goals, this method of teaching has given us the opportunity to do so with no hindrance. Our dedicated instructors have helped students pass all their aviation exams, guiding them in their professional careers as pilots. All our classes are LIVE, therefore, no boring pre-recorded lectures! Students are able to fully engage and participate in classes with their instructors just as they would in person!

  1. Enroll in your chosen course/program

From the wide variety of courses and programs offered and Flying Academy, choose the course program that is best suited for your pilot training and begin enrollment processes. 

  1. Gain access to the LMS

Once you are enrolled and validated as a student at Flying Academy, you will gain full access to our eLearning platform; LMS – where you can access all your study materials, training progress, attendance, educational tools, testing portals, and all the homework and classwork assignments required for your pilot training. 

  1. Check the Calendar for schedules

The calendar available on LMS will provide you with important dates of when your classes are scheduled and the dates of stage-check examinations. 

  1. Use the link to attend the LIVE online lecture

Links for each class are scheduled to be sent via email and it is also available on LMS under the respective class. Attendance is mandatory. 

  1. Read all related study materials for the class

Self-study is an integral portion of your theoretical training. Therefore, all the reading material and study tools available on LMS are for students to thoroughly study the material and be fully prepared for upcoming classes. 

  1. Complete the Classwork and Homework Assignments

Worksheets are presented during the live online class to interact with the other students and instructors. Homework assignments are given by appointed instructors which are to be completed after class and before the next class. This way, instructors can check your knowledge and progress thus far. 

  1. Go through the Testing Portal

After your self-study and you feel prepared, you will be able to find the testing portal on LMS which consists of mock exams, study tests, and a question bank with more than 30,000 questions!

  1. Finish your Progress Test 

Within each block, there are a series of mandatory progress tests that must be completed in order to proceed to the stage-check examination.

  1. Stage-Check Examination

At the end of a block, once attendance requirements are met and progress tests have been completed, you will be eligible to attend the stage-check examination. There are two parts to this examination; written and oral. Only after successfully completing the written part of the examination will you be allowed to perform the oral examination. 

ORAL EXAMINATION: The oral examination will be conducted through an online video recording platform. Students will receive a link in their respective email via [email protected], in which then they will receive a unique one-time accessible link. The link will take you to the platform with the questions which are under a time limit. The entire exam will take up to 60 minutes with each question up to 3 minutes. The platform is fully modernized and monitored which gives instructors the possibility of being informed whether you are switching between platforms or tabs on your browser. It is extremely important that you do not leave the platform prior to the completion of your examination, as mentioned, your access will be revoked as it is a one-time access link. Each question will require you to be present yourself on the camera and record yourself, so please ensure that your internet and microphones are connected and functioning properly. Once the exam is complete, you may leave the platform and your profile will automatically be updated and transferred for evaluation.

  1. 4 Blocks of  Ground Training

The theoretical training is divided into 4 blocks. Each block ends with a stage-check examination, until stage-check 4. 

In order to successfully complete all 4 blocks of theoretical training, students are required to follow the same procedure as for Block 1. Attend classes, improve your knowledge and understanding of the given study material, finish homework and classwork assignments, refresh your memory by attempting the questions through our testing portal, successfully complete your progress tests, and finally attend your final stage-check! 

  1. Final stage check at Flying Academy 

The final stage check will be conducted at Flying Academy. Once all requirements have been met and all tests have been successfully completed, you will be eligible to attend the final examination at the aviation authority. Flying Academy can only provide you the certificate to attend the aviation final examination once all the academy requirements are met. 

  1. Final examination at the Aviation Authority  

Flying Academy will provide you with the certification that allows you to complete your final examination at the local aviation authority. According to your license, whether EASA or FAA, you will complete your final examination at one of the respective authorities. The EASA license is for Europe and the FAA license is for the US.

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