Accommodation in Miami

Our staff will help you find the most suitable place to live during your study. Flying Academy can provide accommodations to fit everyone’s taste and budget. Short-term and long-term accommodations are available on request.
We offer our students a family house type of accommodation, fully furnished with a complete kitchenette, bathrooms, and internet. The accommodation facilities are always only a short drive away from our Flying Academy base.
Students can decide between a single or shared room.

  • Electricity
  • Internet
  • Kitchen
  • Water
  • Cleaning of public areas

Train House

The Train house is located 5-10 minutes away from the airport by car/scooter. It’s near all local grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants; the house is in an overall safe and friendly neighborhood. This house contains:

  • Two shared rooms
  • Two single rooms (master bedroom with a private bathroom and a single room with a private bathroom)
  • Two full bathrooms, one half bathroom
  • Kitchen/dining area
  • One car garage, two car driveway

Flower House

The Flower house is located 10-15 minutes away from the airport by car/scooter. It’s a one story house located near a shopping center with various dine-in/takeout restaurants, pharmacies, and grocery stores. This house contains:

  • Two shared rooms
  • Two single rooms (master bedroom with a private bathroom and a single room with a shared bathroom)
  • Two full bathrooms
  • Kitchen/dining area
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi

Chandelier House

The Chandelier house is located 10-15 minutes away from Miami Executive Airport by car/scooter, which is also near Jorge Mas Canosa Middle school. It’s a two story house with a total of four rooms. The neighborhood is friendly and public safety is taken care of by surrounding Police personnel. Surrounding Supermarkets like Publix and Winn Dixie are 5-10 minutes away by Car/scooter. It provides a great environment for living and studying peacefully.
The house occupancy is as so:

  • One single room (master bedroom with private bathroom)
  • Three shared rooms
  • Two shared bathrooms
  • Kitchen/Refrigerator/Dishwasher/Cabinets
  • Living room area
  • Outside yard
  • Electric Garage
  • Two car parking driveway

How much does the accommodation in Miami cost?

Shared room
Monthly rate – $750
15 days rate – $500
Daily rate – $45
Deposit $500
Single room
Monthly rate – $1200 – shared bathroom
Monthly rate – $1500 – private bathroom
15 days rate – $900
Daily rate – $80
Deposit $500

Transportation in Miami

Transportation via car can always be arranged ahead of time to specific locations, but we also offer Scooter rental for your convenience.

Car services:

From/To Miami International Airport – $80 USD (each way)
From/To Fort Lauderdale International Airport – $150 USD (each way)
Regular location within 10 miles radius From/To Flying Academy – $20 USD (each way)
Regular location within 20 miles radius From/to Flying Academy – To be discussed and approved by the Director of Operations
Transportation from/to Flying Academy and Accommodation – $10 USD (each way)
Stops between trips will incur additional charges.

Scooter rental:

Flying Academy offers a scooter rental service to all students. With a scooter you can easily get from your accommodation to the training base in Miami Executive Airport or anywhere else you need to be.
Deposit $300
Daily – $15
1 month – $200
Students special – Monthly Rate based on at least 6 month duration – $150
Under a month and at least 2 weeks – $125

Other services in Miami

SIM Card (Cellular Phone):
Flying Academy offers convenience with having a valid US SIM card ready to use for when you arrive.
Unlimited talk and text within the US, Mexico. International calls not included. Sim Card Deposit is required. We take a deposit for the use of our SIM card. If needed, you can request a specific type of SIM Card.
Monthly Rate – $50 + Tax
Deposit – $50

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